Whether the doors will be a statement to stand out in the front of your home or a perfect addition to blend in with your home’s features, staining the door is very important to seal the wood to prevent warping issues. The best part of your  stain is it comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose the color that best fits your home!
New Erra Doors offers 6 standard colors from Old Masters Gel Stain collection. We can also custom mix or add additional coats for an extra fee. Quite commonly our customers will bring in a piece of their flooring or pictures to try to match colors to their home. We are happy to evaluate the colors and give you our best opinion!

CEDAR Cedar is a beautiful light-colored stain that allows the tones of the raw mahogany to shine through, whether it is red tones, or more beige tones, it is sure to be a bright color for your entryway.
DARK MAHOGANY A lovely deep brown color that speaks to the true wood enthusiast. This enticing color is sure to reveal the rich grains and tones of the natural mahogany underneath.
DARK WALNUT Our currently #1 product chosen by builders, interior designers and homeowners alike. This deep dark brown shows no red tones and can bring out some light golden tones on the lighter grains.
SPECIAL WALNUT A delightful brown several shades lighter than the Dark Walnut. It provides a rich color to the door while revealing enjoyable tones in the wood.
SPANISH OAK A contemporary favorite. The black stain darkens the wood yet still allows the grain to show through with lighter coats. Perfect to match the modern décor of today.
RED MAHOGANY This is the Office Assistant’s favorite. Its bold red tones remind her of playing the violin. While we may not create instruments, anyone with a love for red tones to shine in their door will love this.