Out-dated. Damaged. Need more light. Need more privacy. Bringing old home up to current building code.

When it comes to a reason to replace your current front door, we have heard them all. And with any reason, New Erra Doors can help you!

In addition to a wonderful door and installation services, we also offer a renovation service to come out and remove your old doors for you. Rather than having multiple teams of different people in your home, let us be the start to finish solution you are looking for.

The first step a remodeling is the evaluation. We come out and not only confirm the sizing of the doors you may need, but also gather an understanding of your home’s design and where the new doors will be going. An onsite evaluation is key to find any issues or concerns with your door way that maybe pictures don’t reveal. We will discuss and plan any concerns we may feel are necessary to address before, during, and after installation.

After the door has been manufactured and is ready for installation, our installation crew will come out and prepare the opening for the new door installation. They do this by removing the current doors, sidelites, transom, framing, jambs, thresehold, everything related to the doorway from the opening. Any other preparations, such as new framing, trimming of floor, etc, that needs to be done before the installation should be done at this time. Depending on the prearranged scheduling, the new door will either be installed immediately after the removal or the doorway will be secured and the installation of the new doors will take place on the next scheduled day. We remove all debris, including the doors, from your home so you won’t have to worry about deposing of them.

Just like with new construction, installation of the new doors could take 1-2 days to complete.

Pictures of Onsite Evaluations:

Our Favorite Punta Gorda Project: Before / After

True Southern Living! Before / After

A Modern Look for a Modern Home! Before / After

Wood & Iron at its finest! Before / After

Making a Distinctive Statement! Before / After

Before / After