You want your door to last a lifetime. And it absolutely can, if you take good care of it. This may mean every so often you will need to refinish your door. Please note: due to the different reactions of wood and stains, New Erra Doors will only refinish their own doors, not any other companies.

New Erra Doors advises anyone with a wood door to check it yearly for any needed maintenance. If your door is exposed to more directly sunlight or elements, we recommend you check more frequently. Prolonged exposure or untreated damage can cause bigger issues with the finish and the functionality of the door and increase the cost of the repairs. Catch any issues early, and it can be quickly resolved without spending too much.

We begin our process by determining what kind of refinishing the doors are needed: a standard or a custom. Typically, we start with a picture received from the Home Owner. We will attempt to produce a preliminary estimate from the pictures to send to the home owner. If pictures aren’t really showing the issues, an on-site evaluation can be scheduled for a fee. If the estimate is approved, this fee will be removed from the final invoice.

Once the evaluation and estimate has been approved, the work will be scheduled within 7-10 business days upon the receipt of the deposit for work. The whole process may take several trips to complete in order to allow the different coats to dry completely.


A standard is for small to medium stain/polyurethane coverage on the outside only of the door. There are no noticeable splits or damages to the door or any of its components. This does not include any work on the door’s hardware, iron, nor glass.


A custom refinishing is when more than 50% of one side or more of the door and/or there is noticeable damage to the door and its components or hardware. A complete strip out of finishing may be needed (down to raw lumber). A custom refinishing may have to have replacement hardware. In only extreme conditions will we remove the doors from the home and install temporary protection while we refinish the doors, and then when complete we will return and reinstall the doors.

A typical Standard Refinishing has the following steps once work has been approved:


Remove any damaged polyurethane coat (damaged from sunlight or other element exposure) to the stain.


Touch up stain in affected areas. Allow to dry.


Apply brush-on coat of polyurethane to outside of door. Allow to dry.


Apply additional brush-on coat of polyurethane to outside of door. Allow to dry.