Door buying Guide for Builders

  1. Pick a design
    1. Send us your front elevation.
    2. Provide us the door schedule.

  1. Approve CAD
    a) New Erra Doors will provide a professional Computer-Aided Drawing (CAD). CADs are a great tool to visualize your dream entryway.

  1. Scope of work
    1. Once the opening is bucked, New Erra Doors takes responsibility to go there and take precise measurements. Once we have the measurements and we have received a 50% deposit then we will begin the manufacturing process. Our lead time is 8-10 weeks.
    2. Once the unit has been manufactured, we will come and install the door.
    3. If the unit is an impact unit, then we will not install the casing or the Topcon covers until after inspection. Once you have passed inspection; we will come back and install those parts.
  2. The Final Product: