New Erra Doors has partnered with Assy Abloy EMTEK to bring beautiful and quality locksets to your home. We included EMTEK locksets for our impact rating tests; proving they are one of the best locksets for your quality door. After the design of your door has been approved, you will be able to select a lockset in which to secure your doors.

We follow a 3 lock point system (not to be confused with a 3-point locking system):
The 1st lock point is the top Surface and/or Flush bolts.
The 2nd lock point is the Deadbolt and Latch.
The 3rd lock point is the bottom Surface and/or Flush bolts.


Consider what kind of trim style you would like to have on your door. If you are wanting a double door, we do also have the lockset for both doors to match, only the active side will have an operational lockset. The trim will generally match for the front and back of the doors.


One of the most wonderful things about EMTEK is their ability to let you customize and make the Lockset of your dreams! You can pick any lever or knob to be on the interior side of your door.

We generally recommend levers as they are easy to operate, but the knob choices are good selections too!


Now that the hard part is out of the way, it’s time to pick a finish color for your lockset. We will match all the other hardware (hinges, bolts, roller catch, etc) to this color to ensure an impressive appearance to you and your guests.
We generally recommend the Oil Rubbed Bronze (a deep dark brown) or the Satin Nickel (a brushed silver) to bring out the best colors of the door. Flat Black (matte black) is a good choice too!
We don’t really recommend any of the ‘shiny’ finishes such as Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, or Polished Brass. These finishes tend to show scratches, fingerprints, and dust more easily than their brushed counter parts.


Time to select how your door is going to open, or in the case of double doors, which door is opening all the time, and which one stays closed most of the time. We call the Active Door Handling.
This is user preference as to which side you want to open for you, left or right. Please see the diagram to get an understanding of how the door will open.
Our NOA requires the doors to be outswing. Inswing doors can be manufactured but require an extra engineering site specific report and cost.