In Florida, hurricane preparedness is an every day fact of life. Having your home with at a passive readiness allows you the peace of mind on your protection without having to install an additional system that you may have to activate or set-up when a storm approaches. New Erra Doors has undergone testing and certification to be able to provide hurricane impact entry doors to fit any project. Hurricane Impact Testing involves several different tests. First, the doors must be struck at their weakest point, twice! This is the Impact part of the testing, simulating debris flung by hurricane force winds. (They shoot a 2×4 piece of solid lumber out an air cannon!)




Then the doors are immediately subjected to negative and positive air pressure, repeatedly, to simulate the positive and negative air pressure a severe hurricane. New Erra Doors passed at a ±55 PSF, after being struck! But in a hurricane, there is also rain, so the doors are also subjected to a water penetration test.




Our 2 ¼” thick Mahogany Doors comply with Florida Impact Testing Approvals with the State-Wide Building Codes. We provide documentation to certify our entry doors as Impact Rated. We can provide engineering calculations for all our impact units should you require structural data for the unit you have chosen. Data provided will include design pressures, fastener schedules, and wind load deflection calculations. Our Mahogany has the added benefit to being one of the best woods to have in our local climate. It has been tried and tested to be the best resistant to environmental factors. If you would like to see more information on Hurricane Strength or Impact Testing, please feel free to click the following links!

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