The excitement of shopping for a new door can always be a thrill, but how do you know if you are asking the right questions? How are you making sure that the price you receive at one place is comparable to another? A simple list of information can make it VERY easy to make sure you are getting the best deal!

Step 1 – Design

This is probably the easiest and hardest question for someone to ask. What kind of design do you want? It’s OK to not fully know, but it is helpful if you know what features you do or do not want in the door.

  1. Single door or double? How many doors do you want to have?
  2. Do you know what shape it needs to fill, or what shape you would rather it be?

Usually, most doorways are square in shape. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have an elliptic or radius arch on your door. We have even put in triangles!

3. Sidelites or transom?
Sidelites are the glass windows directly connected to the sides of the door. Transoms are the glass windows directly connected to the top of your door. Sometimes they are separated with a beam or header bar from the door.

  • Will it have glass or be a solid wood door?

                If you aren’t sure what you think is best, consider your lighting and privacy options. If the room where the door leads is very dark with little light, you may want to consider a door with glass panels to illuminate the room during the day. If privacy is a concern, you can try textured glass or solid wood panels to ensure no one can see through to the room.

Pictures speak a thousand words, so the saying goes. If you have a sketch, or a picture from the internet or even a home you were driving by, we can work off the pictures and make a wonderful design just for you.

Step 2 – Size

Knowing how big your doors will be a very important fact to provide any vendor. While you don’t have to know the exact size, having a rough or approximate understanding will be useful.
If you are building a new home, the architect should have the measurements for the door on the plans.
If you are remodeling your current home, it’s very easy to measure your current opening: 
Width – From wall to wall of frame
Height – From floor to top of door/transom

Step 3 – Showroom Visit

At this point, you should visit the vendor showroom and get a good feel for how your new door will be.
Visiting a showroom is such an important step. Being able to see and touch the quality of doors you expect to be installed in your home can mean so much, and it is a big part of the door buying experience. You need to know there is a local facility that can handle your detail requests and yet is available for any questions or changes you might have.
A great idea – bring any color chips or items you will want to match or complement the door color to.

While you are in the showroom, be sure to asked about a few things:

  • Production times – How long will it take to make and install the door?
  • Warranties – Does the vendor warranty their product? What about the finishing, and the installation?
  • Code Compliance – Do they carry Hurricane Impact Certification?
  • Quality Assurance – How do they check themselves?
  • Packages – What is included in your purchase?
  • Customization – Exactly what can be customized?

There is no ‘standard’ when it comes to customizing the features of your door. From glass to lockset, trim to swing, there are many details you can chose to have your door be just for you!

Amid all of these wonderful questions, be sure to ask an important one – what species of wood the door is to be made of. Not all species are created equally, and each have a different price tag based on their availability and source. Also, the natural grain, or lines, in the wood will be different going from one type of wood to another. On the most economical end you will find Poplar woods, and on the strongest and most durable you will find your Mahogany woods. In between you will find various Oaks, Walnuts, and Maples.

Step 4 – Onsite Consultation

Once you’ve come to the showroom, it’s time to have the door vendor visit the job site. Regardless if it’s a new construction or a remodel, not every doorway is made to an exact same measurement. Having a professional come out and properly measure all aspects of the door way ensures the finished doors will fit like a hand in a glove.

The consultor will check your doorway for any concerns, such and weather and sunlight exposure. This visit is so very important as a professional will be able to express any issues they see up front, so they can be resolved either before, after, or with the new door.

So – what happens now?

Take a moment to come up with a simple hand sketch design you would love to see brought to life in a new door and bring it in to us.

We will happily measure and convert your sketch to a CAD drawing.

Once you like it, we will start to manufacture and install the door once done.

Who knows, your door might be featured on the front of a popular magazine!