(2019 EDITION)


New Erra Doors only uses finest grade mahogany lumber from South America, which had also been hand selected after being kiln dried. Mahogany wood is an expensive and precious natural material.

Finished doors leave our workshop having been carefully finished and sealed to keep it protected and beautiful. The key to keep the doors looking as beautiful as the day it was installed is to just follow a few simple guidelines; it is as simple as any other wood masterpiece. Following the directions below will help ensure the door’s continued longevity and beauty for many years to come.

Like all wood products, mahogany can respond in different ways to the variety of environmental conditions, it is imperative to give special attention to the door and the necessary care and effort be taken to protect the door.

The lumber kiln dried to below 8% moisture content before being sent to production, and it’s checked again after manufacturing but before finishing to ensure a high-quality product. The doors are then stained and sealed to prevent penetration of moisture.

PLEASE NOTE: Once the unit has been installed, it becomes the homeowner’s/builder’s responsibility to ensure the door is protected and taken care of. Any damaged incurred to the unit after installation will be at the owner’s/builder’s expense to repair.


Do not pressure wash your door – EVER. Further, do not use a water hose on the door. If the door needs to be cleaned, use a slightly damp cloth and follow up immediately with a dry cloth.

New Erra Doors Warranty will be null and void if:

  • Deterioration occurs due to failure to protect the exposed surfaces and edges of the doors in a timely manner.
  • Deterioration occurs due to failure to protect the exposed surfaces and edges of the doors not finished by New Erra Doors.
  • The door(s) are installed within, or subject to, high moisture or high humidity environments including, but limited to
    • New homes with uncured plaster; stucco, drywall; concrete or ceramic tile
    • Units subjected to unusual stress or strain (i.e. resulting from the movement of building or building components or resulting from the expansion or contraction of building components
    • During the installation of the pavers causes the threshold to rise above the line it was originally install at, therefore causing the bottom the door to rub on the threshold.

Never use abrasive or caustic cleaners like Glass cleaners or Bleach on mahogany wood, the lockset or glass. These and similar products contain harsh chemicals that adversely affect metal and wood finishes. If the door needs to be cleaned, use a slightly damp cloth and follow up immediately with a dry cloth. Damages to the finishes will not be covered by any warranty.


New Erra Doors recommends and advises all doors and components installed have an adequate overhang to retain our warranty. This is necessary to reduce the chance of discoloration and/or cracking from water and/or sunlight. During construction, we recommend that the doors be covered to avoid any damage to the wood such as dents, bumps and construction debris. Failure to protect the door will void the warranty.


Eventually it will be necessary to refinish the mahogany wood. Even the best maintained door will eventually need some level of refinishing. Exposure to rain and sun will be the main factors in determining when and how often this will be needed. Doors with regular sunlight exposures will require the most frequent refinishing. We recommend hiring a professional when you are ready to refinish and seal your door.


Taking care of your class is just as important as taking care of your door. For specific suggests, please check the manufacture’s website of the glass installed in your door. Some suggestions from most vendors of glass include:

DO protect glass during all stages of construction

DO caution other trades against allowing other materials to contact the glass

DO watch for and prevent conditions that can damage the glass

DO be aware of and follow the glass supplier’ s specific cleaning recommendations

DO clean glass when dirt and residue appear

DO clean the glass surface with a clean water to loosen dirt and debris build up

DO use a window cleaning squeegee to remove all moisture from the glass

DON’T clean tinted glass surfaces in direct sunlight


Once the door is installed, please make sure your ACTIVE door stays engaged for the first 4 weeks until the wood door acclimates to it’s new environment.

As a door manufacturer, we understand that sometimes the wood moves causing the lockset to become out of adjustment.

If the lockset is in need of an adjustment because the door has moved, New Erra Doors will come out and adjust the door within the warranty period for free. If outside the warranty period or if the lockset has taken damage due to any other causes, there will need to be a service call charged received by the office prior to scheduling repairs.

Please make sure you do not engage the deadbolt when the door is open as if the door is closed with enough force it can damage the inactive door. Please do not try to use the inactive door’s lockset. The lockset is meant to be inoperable, only trim to match the active lockset.