New Erra Doors is proud to manufacture your door and its wooden components in our South American factory. But the factory only does half of the project: building the doors. Once the door has been built and has been shipped to our Fort Myers workshop, our finishing crew goes to work on the other half: ensuring all the final details get done so the door is ready for installation.

Once the doors and its components have been delivered to our Fort Myers workshop, they are inspected to ensue no damage from shipping. At this point your doors are in the right shape and size, but are in a raw format with no color, glass, nor hardware. After they pass the local quality assurance checks, our master finisher will start the process to finish the door and have it ready for installation.
The first step to finishing a door is to sand the raw doors and its components to have a smooth surface. This ensures a quality start to have a quality product.

After sanding, the finisher applies the requested color onto the wood by hand. Sometimes the stain is wiped to be a lighter shade of the color, and sometimes after drying, a second coat is applied for a darker shade. Each coat of stain is given at least 48 – 72 hours to dry completely. Sometimes it can take longer to dry in humid or cold weather. Once the stain is dried, any touch ups for the color are applied, and allowed to dry completely.

We then hand-spray a few coats of clear polyurethane for weather protection and to give the door a semi-gloss finish. Each coat of the polyurethane takes about a day to 2 in order to dry completely. The master finisher then smooths out any rough spots and does any touchups. By applying the clear coat on with a spray application instead of a brush allows for a thicker and more even coat to be on the door.

We use a tried-and-true combination in the materials and procedure in hand-finishing our doors to ensure a quality and beautiful finish to the natural mahogany wood. For the stain coloring, we use Old Masters Gel Stain. For our clear protectant, we use Zar Clear Satin.

When the clear coats are dry, the door and its components are moved to our glass staging area. From here, the doors wait for the glass from the vendors to arrive. Most vendors of the impact glass take about 4-6 weeks to ship out any glass orders. We try to shorten this time by ordering the glass before the doors leave South America. If the glass has a pattern shape, we must wait for the doors to be delivered before handing off the pattern for the glass vendor to create the custom shape.

Once the glass arrives, our quality assurance steps in again and carefully inspects the glass to ensure it meets the industry standards. If a piece is not acceptable, it is sent back to our vender for a rushed remake. If the glass passes, it is installed into the door with a silicone glazing that takes about 24 hours to cure on each side of the door. Once dried, it becomes very strong, ensuring proper sealing against water and wind penetration. Excess silicone is then removed from the sealed area to finish the doors to provide a nice and presentable looking door. If an Iron grill insert was ordered, it is at this point attached to the door.

Any hardware ordered for the door are now verified with the installing team to ensure they have everything they need. From the lockset to the hinges, surface bolts and screws, they make sure they have it all in order, so nothing is left behind.

The door and its components are now ready for installation! Once the big day arrives, we load the door and its components onto the secure trailer and send it on its way!